Discover Our Top Home Listening Albums of 2023

Discover Our Top Home Listening Albums of 2023

As 2023 winds down, we're taking time to look through the year's releases we loved. From the soul-stirring beats of R&B to the experimental echoes of Ambient music, this year has been a treasure trove of auditory delights.

In this article, you will find:

  • The must-hear albums of 2023 across diverse genres.
  • Insights into the unique artistic styles of each featured musician.

Let's dive into the rhythmic heart of 2023's music scene, starting with the soulful and intricate world of Jazz.

Yussef Dayes"] - Black Classical Music: Vinyl 2LP - Abbey Road

Jazz Recommendations - 2023

Yussef Dayes' "Black Classical Music" redefines jazz with a modern twist, creating rhythms that resonate with the soul. Imagine cruising through a neon-lit cityscape at night, each drumbeat from this album pulsing with the city's rhythm, transforming a simple drive into an immersive journey. Listen on Apple Music or Spotify.

Berlioz's "Jazz is for Ordinary People" transforms the complexity of jazz into something more accessible. Picture a bustling café on a busy afternoon, where the clatter of coffee cups and chatter harmonize with Berlioz's jazz tunes. Its accessible style makes jazz an everyday delight, bridging the gap between aficionados and casual listeners. Listen on Apple Music or Spotify.

Harrison's "Birds, Bees, The Clouds & The Trees" stands out in the jazz genre with its unique fusion of electronic sounds and traditional jazz elements. It's a harmonious blend that appeals to both new-age enthusiasts and jazz purists, inviting listeners to experience jazz in a new light. The album resonates with an innovative spirit, showcasing the evolving nature of jazz. Listen on Bandcamp or Spotify.

bleep on X: "Just Announced: Speakers Corner Quartet - Further Out Than The  Edge OTIH Records + Clear vinyl + Retail exclusive  OTIH Records slipmat + Gatefold outer sleeve + Download

R&B/Hip-Hop Recommendations 2023

Cleo Sol's "Heaven" is a standout R&B album, imbued with silky vocals and introspective lyrics. It's like a serene morning, the first rays of sunlight filtering through the curtains, and Cleo Sol’s soulful voice setting a peaceful tone for the day. Available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Jordan Ward's "moreward" offers a fresh, dynamic take on R&B, blending smooth rhythms with thoughtful storytelling. It's perfect for a lively city park gathering, where the album adds to the vibrant atmosphere. Listen on Apple Music or Spotify.

Eddie Chacon's "Sundown" brings a unique blend of R&B with hip-hop elements. Its smooth voice, coupled with crisp beats, creates the perfect chill-out mood for an evening at home. Available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Speakers Corner Quartet's "Further Out than the Edge" pushes the boundaries of traditional R&B. Imagine an avant-garde art exhibition, where the Quartet's experimental fusion adds an auditory dimension to the visual spectacle. Listen on Apple Music or Spotify.

Anthony Naples – orbs - New LP Record 2023 ANS Vinyl - Electronic / Do–  Shuga Records

Electronic & Ambient Recommendations 2023

K-Lone's "Swells" stands out in the Electronic and Ambient scenes with lush soundscapes. The album is perfect for a creative artist in their studio, the ambient sounds fueling their imagination and guiding their artistic process. Available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Anthony Naples' "Orbs" is an ambient journey that invites introspection and tranquility. Imagine a solitary retreat in a quiet, forest-bound cabin, where "Orbs" complements the natural serenity. Listen on Apple Music or Spotify.

Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Monster (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" showcases cinematic soundscapes. It's not just for the movie; it's a standalone masterpiece, perfect for a film enthusiast in a dimly lit room. Available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Caroline Polachek announces Desire, I Want to Turn Into You vinyl

Indie Pop Recommendations - 2023

Caroline Polachek's "Desire, I Want to Turn Into You" offers a dynamic and emotive soundtrack to 2023. She's definitely one of the best live performance's we've seen this year still envisioning the concert at the Queen Elizabeth Theater moving to the album's rhythms. Available on Apple Music and Spotify.

The Japanese House's "In The End It Always Does" presents reflective, dreamy tracks. It's like a sunset beach walk, the album echoing the beauty and contemplation of the moment. Listen on Apple Music or Spotify.

Ryan Beatty's "Calico" is a vibrant mix of heartfelt lyrics and melodic charm. It's ideal for a road trip with friends, adding to the sense of adventure and camaraderie. Available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Wrapping Up

While there is tons more we loved in 2023, the above only captures a slice of the power and diversity of this year's music scene. From the soul-stirring rhythms of Jazz and R&B to the innovative landscapes of Electronic and Ambient, and the poetic allure of Indie Pop, each genre presented groundbreaking work. These albums are not just collections of songs; they are stories, emotions, and experiences woven into melodies.

For an enriched home listening experience, consider creating a playlist featuring these standout albums. Dive deeper into each artist's work to fully appreciate their craft and the stories they tell through their music.

As we look forward to what 2024 holds, why not explore more about the artists behind these albums? Their journeys, creative processes, and future projects could be your next source of musical inspiration.




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