Discover the Legacy of George Nakashima

Discover the Legacy of George Nakashima

What's up, design aficionados and furniture fanatics! Ever heard of George Nakashima? If not, buckle up, because you’re about to get schooled in some serious woodworking wizardry. This guy wasn’t just a furniture maker; he was a maestro of the craft, turning humble wood into mind-blowing masterpieces. Let's dive into the world of Nakashima and discover what made his work the stuff of legends!


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George Nakashima's Conoid Desk, Asa No Ha Floor Lamp, and Conoid Bench. Photos © George Nakashima Woodworkers


What is George Nakashima Known For?

  • George Nakashima, a name synonymous with raw, organic beauty in furniture design. This woodworking wonder took gnarly slabs of timber and transformed them into sleek, soulful pieces. Think furniture that's not just to sit on but to ponder over.
  • He’s the dude who championed the idea that flaws in wood, like knots and burrs, weren’t imperfections but marks of character. His work celebrates the natural form, texture, and grain of the wood, making each piece a unique testament to nature’s artistry.

The Woods of Nakashima

  • So, what was Nakashima’s go-to material? He loved him some walnut, cherry, and rosewood – woods that are as sturdy as they are stunning.
  • These woods were his paint and canvas, allowing him to create pieces that were as much a feast for the eyes as they were functional. The rich grains, the warm tones... it’s like Mother Nature was his co-designer.

“A graining, a subtle coloring, an aura, a presence will exist this once, never to reappear. It is to catch this moment, to find this fleeting relationship, to capture its spirit, which challenges the woodworker.”

-George Nakashima

Nakashima’s Iconic Pieces

When we talk about George Nakashima, we're not just talking about furniture; we're talking about pieces of history that have redefined the essence of design. Let's take a closer look at some of his most iconic works:


Conoid Dining Table — George Nakashima Woodworkers
Photos © George Nakashima Woodworkers

  • The Nakashima Table: This isn’t just any table; it’s a conversation starter. Known for its live edges and beautiful grains, each table is a unique masterpiece. Nakashima saw the soul in every slab of wood, crafting tables that were both functional and deeply expressive. Whether it's a walnut dining table or a cherry coffee table, each piece tells its own story of the tree it came from.


Chairs — George Nakashima Woodworkers

Photos © George Nakashima Woodworkers


  • The Nakashima Chair: These chairs are like sculptures you can sit on. Combining comfort with unparalleled craftsmanship, Nakashima’s chairs often feature clean lines, natural forms, and a seamless blend of Western and Japanese design elements. The Grass-seated Chair and the Conoid Chair are prime examples of his innovative approach to seating – they're not just furniture; they're a legacy of Nakashima's reverence for wood and design.


Desks — George Nakashima Woodworkers
Photos © George Nakashima Woodworkers


  • The Nakashima Desk: If ever there was a desk that could inspire your best work, it's a Nakashima desk. With ample space, stunning wood patterns, and thoughtful design, these desks are more than a workspace; they're a tribute to simplicity and function. The way Nakashima played with forms and joints makes each desk not just a piece of furniture, but a piece of art.


Unique Features: Nakashima’s furniture is instantly recognizable for its use of natural, unaltered edges of the wood, known as live edges. He often used butterfly joints to join pieces of wood, a technique that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. His work is a testament to the idea that furniture can be both utilitarian and a form of natural art.

Legacy and Influence: George Nakashima didn’t just leave behind furniture; he left behind a philosophy of design that has continued to influence craftsmen and designers around the world. His commitment to letting the natural beauty of the wood shine through in each piece has inspired countless designers to view furniture making not just as a craft, but as an art form.

George Nakashima wasn't just making furniture; he was creating a legacy, one that continues to inspire and awe. His work reminds us that there's beauty in imperfection, and true artistry lies in bringing out the soul of the material. Inspired to bring a bit of Nakashima magic into your life? Here’s to making our spaces a tribute to the organic beauty of the world!


Conoid II rug by George Nakashima for Edward Fields
Image of Conoid II rug by George Nakashima for Edward Fields found on Dezeen


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