Best of Caribbean Groove

Best of Caribbean Groove

Relaxed vibes are a major part of the Club Goods family and recently coming back from a trip to the Caribbean has inspired a blog post to highlight some of the top tracks that we love to listen to while away from the icy cold of Canada. These artists are great to listen to while you’re on the beach or relaxing at home wanting to reminisce.

You won’t find Bob Marley in the playlist because although he’s the king of Reggae we thought to highlight some of the other incredible artists who have contributed to the genre was important

King Tubby

  • First, King Tubby had a massive influence on the creation of Dub in the 60’s out of Kingston, Jamaica and is a great place to begin familiarizing yourself with the genre. King Tubby’s impact on electronic music is massive and a great place to start enjoying his tunes are with this mix here.

  • Freddie McKay, a lesser known reggae artist whose album first album, “Picture on the Wall” should be a classic to anyone that loves the genre as much as we do. Check out the single “Picture on the Wall” here.

  • Toots and the Maytals just make us feel good – although sometimes their messages aren’t all cheery with songs like 5446 with lyrics describing Toot’s time in prison after being arrested for having a wee bit too much of the green on his person. Either way, highly recommend for anyone looking to get some R&R under the Caribbean sun – check out “Funky Kingston” here.


  • Lastly, The Frightnrs, more contemporary than the other groups mentioned on our list this band was finally starting to hit their stride when tragedy struck. Just as they were starting to gain traction with their first album being produced under Daptone record label the lead singer, Dan Klein, was diagnosed with ALS. The band was able to record the album, however, Klein, passed away in June of 2016, just three months before the release of the album, “Nothing more to say”.

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