Dive Into Design: Our Best Interior Design YouTube Channels

Dive Into Design: Our Best Interior Design YouTube Channels

We're always looking for more visually appealing interior design channels to binge-watch and daydream future home possibilities throughout the glove. With that, we've got the ultimate list that'll make your eyes pop and your heart skip a beat. From tiny homes to luxury pads, hope you enjoy our favourites.

To not waste any time here are the channels - with more details on them below:

The Modern House | About

The Modern House

The Modern House Step into the future with The Modern House! It’s like walking through a design magazine but way cooler because, well, it moves!

  • Who's Gonna Love It? Minimalists and future-forward design buffs.
  • What's the Vibe? Chic homes that make you go, "I need that... now!"



In Residence - Inside the homes of celebrated architects, designers and  artists - YouTube

Nowness - In Residence

Nowness - In Residence Get cozy with the cool cats of design. This series is like a personal invite into the homes of creative geniuses!

  • Who's Gonna Love It? Design enthusiasts who love a personal touch.
  • What's the Vibe? Intimate and artsy home tours.



The Local Project - YouTube

The Local Project

The Local Project Dive into designs that hug the planet! The Local Project is all about homes with heart and a story to tell.

  • Who's Gonna Love It? Earth lovers and story seekers.
  • What's the Vibe? Sustainable and oh-so-stylish spaces.

Youtube for Architects Never Too Small - RTF | Rethinking The Future


Never Too Small

Never Too Small Tiny spaces, massive style! This channel turns the tiny into the terrific with some seriously smart design hacks.

  • Who's Gonna Love It? Fans of pint-sized perfection.
  • What's the Vibe? Small spaces that pack a punch!



The Cut – Fashion, Beauty, Politics, Sex and Celebrity


New York Times - The Cut

New York Times - The Cut Ever wondered how the other half lives? This channel’s like the VIP backstage pass to the most glamorous cribs around.

  • Who's Gonna Love It? Anyone who daydreams about living large.
  • What's the Vibe? A peek into homes you only see in movies!



A Modern Sanctuary in the Middle of Los Angeles | Dwell Escapes - YouTube


Dwell Escapes

Dwell Escapes Need a virtual vacay? Dwell Escapes is your ticket to the most tranquil and zen digs out there.

  • Who's Gonna Love It? Dreamers looking for a digital detox.
  • What's the Vibe? Serenity now in home form.




Living.K - YouTube


Living.K Ready for a cultural design adventure? Living.K mixes traditional Korean aesthetics with modern vibes, and it’s a visual feast!

  • Who's Gonna Love It? Culture vultures and design adventurers.
  • What's the Vibe? A fusion of old and new that’s just wow!



BBC Design Rules

BBC Design Rules This one is a bit different but for those looking for something a bit more education - BBC Design Rules put together a great summary of videos teaching the secrets of great design.

  • Who's Gonna Love It? Curious minds and aspiring design gurus.
  • What's the Vibe? Fun, insightful, and kinda like school but awesome.


So, there you have it, your new binge-list of design delights! Each channel is a doorway to a world of creativity, style, and some serious home envy. Go on, dive in, and transform your living space, or just dream about it while watching these channels. Happy viewing, design warriors!


NTS's Colin Chee Apartment | Never Too Small
(Image from Never too Small Website - Written by Elizabeth Price)



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